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Defence & Arms Last Updated: Feb 6, 2024 - 2:53:50 PM

Sevastopol Shaken: Ukraine’s Missile Strike Exposes Russian Vulnerability
By Bogdan Maftei, The Erudite Elders, 15/9/23
Sep 18, 2023 - 11:00:22 AM

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As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to unfold, the recent missile strike by Ukraine on the Russian Black Sea Fleet serves as a stark reminder of the shifting power dynamics. Kyiv’s bold move against a Russian naval facility in Sevastopol has analysts sitting up straight in their armchairs, realizing the gloves are off and that Ukraine is willing to take the fight to Russia’s doorstep.

In a development that could spell significant operational hindrances for Moscow, this missile strike shows how the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been evolving. Their audacious attack has dealt a significant blow to the Russian Navy, a cornerstone of Moscow’s military might. Echoes of historical battles, like the bombing of Pearl Harbor, come to mind as we watch a less-equipped force striking at the heart of a naval base. The audacity and execution showcase an underdog unwilling to roll over.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) states that the strike’s “reverberating impacts” could haunt Russia for the long term. One can’t help but be reminded of the unforeseen consequences of battles long past – like the crippling of the Spanish Armada in 1588, which signaled the decline of Spanish naval dominance. Similarly, this strike’s effect on Russia’s naval capabilities might extend beyond immediate physical damage, with the potential for long-lasting repercussions on Moscow’s geopolitical posturing.

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What’s more, the targeted strike in Sevastopol has a demoralizing effect on the Russian military. As retired Ukrainian naval captain Andriy Ryzhenko aptly noted, Moscow likely “did not expect such a powerful attack” from Kyiv. The psychological impact of such a decisive blow cannot be understated. This is not mere attrition but a jab aimed at the ego of the Russian military, a move that could also whittle away at the morale of the Russian troops, particularly as winter approaches.

And then there’s the undeniable element of strategic brilliance that echoes Sun Tzu’s ancient teachings. By engaging in such a decisive and well-calculated military action, Ukraine seems to be adhering to Sun Tzu’s notion that “all warfare is based on deception.” The Russian military, already stretched thin and forced to accelerate troop deployment, is now confronted with the strategic acumen of an enemy who can strike deep into its territory and at its critical assets.

This evolution of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is striking, both literally and metaphorically. Ukraine has grown more battle-hardened and has shown increasing tactical prowess, aided by superior training and a continuous flow of weaponry. Just as the colonists in the American Revolutionary War adapted and improved their guerrilla tactics against British regulars, Ukraine appears to be doing the same against a Russian army suffering from overstretch and faltering logistics.

The fate of Russia’s military adventure in Ukraine appears increasingly grim. Putin, once lauded as a master tactician, has found himself the butt of jokes and the subject of international derision. With each passing day, the world witnesses the crumbling of Russia’s claims of military and technological superiority. Recent failures, like the botched moon landing attempt and the underperformance of hyped-up weaponry like the Kinzhal missile, only serve to compound Russia’s predicament.

All this forms a dismal tapestry for Russia, one that evokes its failed invasion of Poland in 1922 – a lesson from history Moscow seems not to have learned. As we watch Ukraine employ the timeless strategies of Sun Tzu, altering the dynamics on the battlefield and in the international arena, it becomes abundantly clear that the scales are tipping. How much farther they’ll tip is a question for another day, but what is certain now is that the underdog is baring its teeth. Feel free to express your thoughts below, because history is unfolding before our eyes, and you won’t want to say you just stood by and watched.

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