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DRC president asks UN peacekeepers to start packing up this year
Nigeria: Living in a Bed of Thorns
Chicago University Confirms Female Bola Tinubu Transcript, US Court Takes Decision
Ousmane Sembène May Be Revered, but His Films Are Still Underappreciated
A Serious Review of the UN’s Conflict Mediation Role in Syria Is Long Overdue
The End Will Come for the Cult of MAGA
Ships ready to export Ukrainian grain but Russian SWIFT access, insurance remain issues
Panama Canal: Is the Situation Affecting the Tanker Markets?
Gazprom Ships its First Cargo of LNG to China Via Arctic Waters
Dark Side
The Culprit's Law
Chinese leader Xi Purges Top Military Brass
Research group established to investigate gold trade violence in Africa
Defence & Arms
Russian Defense Industry Disintegration
Ukraine Claims to Have Hit a Rare Russian Super-Ship
Debris found from F-35 jet in South Carolina after US pilot ejected
The enormity of the migrant crisis will upend European politics
Two Turkish Individuals Arrested in Greece for Alleged Espionage at Naval Base Using Drone
„Russians not Welcome”
The Long Overdue Exit Of France From Africa
God Dey, No Condition Is Permanent
The Current Grain Shipping Blockade and the Lessons of the Tanker War
Syria on the Verge of Collapse?
The India-Europe-Corridor
Iran’s New Patrons: Why China and Russia Are Stepping Up Their Support
Iranian women workers: challenges and opportunities
Strike Is a High-Stakes Gamble for Autoworkers and the Labor Movement
Attrition: Russian Wartime Labor Shortage
Light Side
FUBAR, SUSFU, and 17 Other Glorious “Military Screw-Up Acronyms”
The head of the International Anti-Corruption Academy is suspended on suspicion of corruption
Wedding Jokes Are Not Funny to Jordan’s Royals
U.S. Fighters in the Spanish Civil Wartman2
Why did Mangazeya, Siberia’s wealthiest city, disappear from the map of the Tsardom of Russia?
The Soviet remaking of the Pale Jews.
Freemasons/Gabon: US and Canadian lodges show up at Ali Bongo Ondimba’s inauguration
Interpol arrest warrant issued for Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos
Fourth time lucky? The challenge of demobilising rebels in DR Congo
Libya: The Turks Don’t Care
Qatar's Double Game: Funding Islamists While Pretending to Be America's Ally
The Strategic and Military Situation in Ukraine After It Liberated Kherson
The Geo-Politics of Natural Gas to Europe
Two weeks before ban, EU still imports 15% of crude oil from Russia
The ballooning costs of the Ukraine war
Dark Side
Motor Sich head Boguslayev charged with treason and working for Russia. Who is he?
Peace Time: People Smuggler’s Lament
How Greek Companies and Ghost Ships Are Helping Russia
Defence & Arms
The 2022 Maritime Doctrine of the Russian Federation: Mobilization, Maritime Law, and Socio-Economic Warfare
SSBNs Age Disgracefully
Infantry: Unique Ukrainian Sniper Rifle Makes A Record Shot
Space: Shooting Blanks Over Ukraine
The contradictions holding Germany back
Mafia networks with significant impact on Western Balkans’ governance: EU agency
The Ukrainians and the Boers
Paidomazoma The Abducted Greek Children
Israel beefs up protection of its senior spies, as proxy war with Iran intensifies
Belarus And The Russian War Effort
Afghanistan: A Work in Progress
Industrial Policy Without Industrial Unions
Rail strike threat heats up in the US
South Korea’s Truckers Resume Strike Blocking Ports and Manufacturing
Light Side
Donkey power the way to restore SA pride
Benedict Arnold Wishes He Had Had Special Master
Bridge collapses during ribbon-cutting ceremony in Congo
How the Mountain Jews of Azerbaijan Endure
American technology boosts China’s hypersonic missile program
Meet Henrietta Wood, The Freed Slave Who Successfully Sued For Reparations